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Submit your Wedding

Submit your Wedding2

Thank you so much for the interest in having your wedding featured on Bobs & Rouge

Bobs & Rouge would love to feature your wedding on the blog! All wedding styles are welcome, but especially weddings that feature creativity, great styling, unique locations, DIY weddings and Weddings on a budget (with great results). Weddings from all over the world can be submitted to feature on Bobs & Rouge.

If you would like to submit your wedding to Bobs & Rouge, please read the submission guidelines here: Wedding submission guidelines


What is needed for a submission

Please send your submissions to and include the following information or fill in the form below:

1. Who is submitting this feature?
2. Title of your submission
3. Couple’s Names
4. Wedding Date and Location (Please include Country, City and Region)
5. Write a short paragraph why Bobs & Rouge should feature your submission/wedding
6. Tell me a bit about your wedding. This should please include:

  • The Style/Inspiration (Please go into detail regarding your décor)
  • Describe any DIY Details
  • Your favourite moment of the day
  • Thoughts and tips for people currently planning their wedding (optional)
  • If your wedding was done on a budget with great results (optional)
  • Anything else that you would love to share about your wedding, the more I know about you, the better!

7. Please disclose if you have submitted your wedding anywhere else
8. Please provide your vendor credits and a link to their website:

  • Photographer
  • Wedding Planner
  • Stationary Designer
  • Decorator
  • Venue
  • Florist
  • Any other(Make-up, hair, Dress)

9. 10-20 low res images (please do not send high res images with the submission, if your wedding is going to feature on the blog a request for the high res photos that will be sent). 

  • The photos that Bobs & Rouge would like to see are:
    Detail Shots, Portraits, Ceremony, Reception and anything else you would love to share.

10. Bobs & Rouge prefers the use of Dropbox, but you can send your submissions using any platform that you are comfortable with.

fill in the form to submit
You can also fill in the form below to submit your wedding:

Who is submitting this feature

Email Address

Title of your submission

Brides Name

Grooms Name

Wedding Date and Location

Why should your wedding be featured?

Tell me a bit about your wedding

Have you submitted your wedding anywhere else?
 Yes No

Photographer Name and Website Address

Wedding Planner Name and Website Address

Decorator Name and Website Address

Venue Name and Website Address

Florist Name and Website Address

Any other vendors

Link to photos (Dropbox or your preferred platform)