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About Me

Hello and welcome to Bobs & Rouge! I am Lynne, a blogger from Cape Town and I am truly happy that you have found my blog. Bobs & Rouge is dedicated to all things Style, Beauty and Lifestyle related.

So how did Bobs & Rouge get started? Well I started thinking about my love for writing, style and beauty which led to the idea of starting my own blog. With this new and exciting venture I decided that I needed a change, so I cut off my luscious locks in exchange for a stylish bob.

Now that you know how the idea for the blog got started, why don’t you read on and get to know me a little bit better.

Lynne Blewett

I’m a lover of all things creative.

Ever since I was young I had an adoration for all things creative. I grew up sketching away on fashion illustrations in the hopes of one day becoming a fashion designer, only to realize after doing an internship that it was the sketching and creating of ideas that I liked and not the physical making of them. From there I began my path to become the designer and illustrator that I am today.

Lynne Blewett

Blogging is more than just a hobby for me, it is the perfect way to combine my love for writing, creativity and all things pretty while living out my passion.

Lynne Blewett

I am extremely excited to share my experiences and what I learn with you and I hope that you will join me on this exciting journey.