Review: Kangol Liquid Eyeliner

Review: Kangol Liquid Eyeliner

Review: Kangol Liquid Eyeliner

Review Kangol Liquid Eyeliner

I honesty don’t know how I came by without liquid eyeliner before. I cannot imagine not wearing my liquid eyeliner on a daily basis.

When I started using liquid eyeliner I used a no name brand with a thick brush. I could never understand why it just didn’t come out right and why I struggled so much! And then I found this amazing Kangol Liquid Eyeliner, and my difficult liner days were over!

Why I love this
The Kangol Liquid Liner brush is so thin, like as in amazingly thin! It provides a smooth and easy application. and gives you the ability to create a precise line without it looking uneven or shaky.

Kangol Liquid Eyeliner brush

This liquid liner also stays on all day! I have no trouble with it rubbing off or just randomly fading or flaking. And even though it stays on all day, it is quite easy to wash off at night, so no vigorous scrubbing! Another plus point is how long this product lasts, I have had it for quite some time and it doesn’t seem like it is going to be done soon! This liquid liner is absolutely amazing and definitely worth a try!

Kangol Liquid Eyeliner look

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