Choosing your Wedding Decorator

Choosing your Wedding Decorator

The decor of your wedding is one of the main parts of your big day. Finding the right wedding decorator to pull it all off is essential.

When you choose a decorator for your wedding, you need to trust them with the outcome of how your wedding will look. You need to be able to know that they will be able to pull it all off, that they have creative vision and that they will understand exactly what you want. There are a million and one things to consider with your decor and your decorator should make the whole process a lot easier for you.

Choosing your Wedding Decorator

Here are a few things to consider when you choose your wedding decorator:

1. Make sure that they have enough experience with wedding decor. Ask to see a portfolio of work they have previously done and ask for references.
2. Make a list beforehand of what you want or what you’re thinking of. It makes the whole process so much easier.
3. Make sure of what is all included with your decorator. Check if they pick up certain items they need from you or do you need to drop it off by them. Also check what they offer in their packages and if they do the clean up afterwards.
4. Check that all the decor items that they supply are of high quality and not damaged.
5. Make sure that setting up is included when they send you the decor quote.

Here are some important details that you can provide the decorator with:

1. When is your wedding date?
2. Where will your ceremony be held?
3. Where will your reception be held?
4. What time of day will your wedding take place?
5. Within what season will your wedding take place?
6. Are there any certain religion or cultural aspects to keep in mind?
7. What do you envision for your wedding day?
8. What style do you want for your wedding?
9. What will the setting of your wedding be?
10. What mood do you want to set for your wedding?
11. What colours are you thinking of?
12. How many people will be attending your wedding?
13. will the ceremony be indoor or outdoors?
14. Will the reception be in a tent, indoor or outdoors?
15. What decor items you are thinking of?
16. What flowers are you thinking of?
17. How many tables do you plan to have?
18. Do you have any layout ideas in mind?
19. What is your budget?
20. When do you need the decorator to set up?
21. When do you need the decorator to clean up?

Do some research on what decor you want for the following to make your life and the job of the decorator easier:

1. Your reception decor
2. Your ceremony decor
3. Your table decor
4. Misc decor around the venue

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