2014 Halloween Make-up

2014 Halloween Make-up

2014 Halloween Make-up

2014 Halloween Make-up

Today I want to share with you my Halloween make-up I did this year.

Halloween is a fun time of the year that everyone looks forward to. Over the last few years it has become more popular here in South Africa and everyone started to dress up for Halloween. This was my first year that I really got into doing Halloween make-up, and I am quite happy with the result. I really had so much fun creating this make-up look and would love to share with you how I did it.

I really love doing my make-up so much and doing something a bit different and out of the ordinary was great! I decided to create a basic doll look using some basic make-up tools that you would normally have in your make-up bag. I really tried to use make-up products that you would already own, instead of having to buy new product. The thing that is great about this Halloween look is the fact that it is easy to do and ideal for any beginner to try.

getting the look

Step 1 – For my normal base make-up I applied my everyday foundation for a smooth complexion.

Step 2 – For this look I decided to wear a thicker cateye to create a bold eye that would stand out. The thicker cateye also makes the look a bit darker that is ideal for this look. I did the make-up for eyes first so that my eyeliner can dry properly before I do the rest of my eye make-up.

2014 Halloween Eye Make-up

Step 3 – While I wait for my eye make-up to dry, I start on my lips. I found that the lips of this look was the most time consuming. I start by applying a nude lipstick to make my lips a lot lighter. If you want a very light base lip, you can also apply a light colour concealer on your lips. (Don’t forget to moisturize your lips before you apply any lipstick or concealer)

2014 Halloween Make-up nude lip

Step 4 – Next I took my black pencil eyeliner and drew a heart shape on my lips. I drew it on carefully and made sure that the top and bottom of the heart lined up.

2014 Halloween Make-up heart drawing

Step 5 – Using my red lipstick, I filled in the heart shape. I made sure that my lipstick blends with the black lines of the heart, so that it deepens the colour of the red.

2014 Halloween Make-up red lips

Step 6 – Next I did my red cheeks. Instead of using a blush, I put a bit of red lipstick on my fingers and create my round red cheeks. I only used a little bit to create a light red cheek, instead of a dark red cheek. I locked the red cheeks in by applying a light layer of blush over it.

Step 7- Last is to finish up with my eyes. Using my black pencil eyeliner, I filled in my bottom of my lid. I made sure that I filled in below my lid line as well and then drew the stripes going down from the bottom line. I applied 3-4 layers of mascara for a thick lash look (or you can even use fake eyelashes for a more dramatic effect)

what i used
Nude Lipstick: Essence longlasting lipstick 05 dare to be nude
Red Lipstick: Essence longlasting lipstick 02 all you need is red
Black Liquid Liner: Kangol Liquid Eyeliner

2014 Halloween Make-up look

I cannot wait for next year Halloween to see what other looks I can create!

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