Get the Look: Minty Polka dots

Get the Look: Minty Polka dots

Get the Look: Minty Polka dots

Get the Look Minty Polka dots

The polkadot look is very cute and such an easy nail art design to master. Here is an easy guide on how to break the minty colour polish with a cute white polka dot.

the look

Step 1 – Apply the base nail polish colour to your nail and let it dry well
Step 2 – Dip your nail art stylist (or bobby pin) in white nail polish and make small polka dots on your nail. I find it best to place a drop or two of white nail polish on a piece of paper and dipping my stylist in it.
Step 3 – Let the polka dots dry well before you apply a top coat to keep your polka dots lasting long.

what I used

Get the Look Minty Polka dots
Base Colour: Essence colour and go 146 that’s what i mint!
Polkadots: L.A Girl matte white (NL530)
Tool: Essence Nail art DUO Stylist

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    1. Hi there! This is really one of my favourite colours that I own. 🙂 I use a Canon 1000D, I mostly use my kit lens I got with it (18-55mm) and then for editing I use Adobe Lightroom to do basic touch ups:)

  1. Thankyou so much for replying it helped a lot and wow canons are very expensive but I really would like one and would get great use out of it so I might think about getting one 🙂 x x

    1. My husband got me a canon a few years ago, and it really works great. What’s nice about it is that a lot of photography stores run specials, so you can get the camera with a lens or two. You must keep a lookout for a special like that 🙂

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