My Love for Lipstick

My Love for Lipstick

My Love for Lipstick

my love for lipstick

I have never been a fan of lipstick until the last month or two. Now I simply cannot leave home without lipstick on!

I have always thought that the effort of lipstick was just too much, so I refrained from using it, but I can now say that after starting to use lipstick, I have a new addiction!

My lipstick collection isn’t really that big yet, but each lipstick I have purchased so far is there for a reason and I love them all! I expect that my lipstick collection will grow quite a bit in the next while (seeing that I simply cannot stop buying them!).

My four favourite lipsticks are: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: All you need is red, Essence Long Lasting Lipstick: Dare to be nude, L.A. Girl Love Letters and L.A. Girl Fling.

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