DIY Nursery Wall Art

DIY Nursery Wall Art

DIY Nursery Wall Art

DIY Nursery wall art

For a small nursery, a tree decal works perfectly. Here is a guide on doing your own DIY Nursery Wall Art.

There are two options when it comes to wall decals, you can either get a vinyl sticker made (this you stick on the wall) or you can get a stencil made (that you use to paint the tree with)

I decided to use a stencil and designed the tree that I had in mind. I had the stencil cut out at a print shop, stuck it on the wall and painted the tree onto the wall.

A stencil makes it easier to paint, especially if you are painting a lot of smaller detail. That way you know it will be perfect. Here are a few simple steps to follow and what you will need in order to get a stencil done:

What you will need:
The wall art design of your choice
A stencil of your wall art design
Paint roller & brush

Before you get started make sure that you are wearing old clothes as this can get very messy. Make sure you place newspaper all over as well for any paint that might fall.

1. If you can do a design yourself, choose a design that will be easy to cut out. This means not too much small detail. If you have a design in mind with a lot of detail, rather paint that in by hand afterwards. If you can’t do the design yourself, the people working at the print shop will be able to assist you with a design.

2. Make sure the size is right. You don’t want the design too big or too small. Measure your walls beforehand and make sure of how big you want it.

3. When painting the design it is best to use a paint roller instead of a paint brush. That way when you paint it is done in one smooth movement and the paint can’t get in under the stencil.

4. Once you are done painting, give it about 5-10 minutes to dry before you remove the stencil. Don’t leave the paint to dry first, because when you pull the stencil off the paint will crack. When you pull of the stencil make sure that you do it as quickly, smoothly and carefully as possible. Watch out for the paint that will be flying everywhere though!

5. Once you have the stencil off, you can touch up if need be with a paint brush.

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