Choosing your Wedding Venue

Choosing your Wedding Venue

Choosing your Wedding Venue

Choosing your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the place where you will have your perfect day and you need to make sure that it is just as perfect as your wedding. Here is a guide on choosing your wedding venue.

What to consider when choosing your wedding venue:

1. Your wedding venue will depend on the style of wedding that you want. Your theme will dictate a big part of what venue you are choosing.

2. Consider what you want out of your wedding venue. Make sure that the venue that you choose can accommodate you in everything that you want. It is after all your big day and you are paying a lot of money for it.

3. You will have to check if your chosen venue falls within your budget. Some venues overcharge a lot so make sure that they do not do that.

4. Look at how many guests you are going to have at your venue. Your wedding venue must be able to accommodate all of your guests.

5. Your wedding venue will also depend on the time of day your wedding is and the season that it is being held.

What to ask your venue:

1. Cost:
What does it cost to have the ceremony there?
What are the costs of the reception halls?
What are the overtime costs?
What is the deposit?
When is final payment due?
What extra costs are involved?

2. Booking:
How far in advance do we need to book?
What is the last possible date to make any changes?
How long is the venue yours for the day?
Are there other weddings or events on the day?

3. Reception & Ceremony:
What options are there for ceremonies?
What reception halls are available?
Is there room for dancing?
Are there noise restrictions?
Is the venue handicap accessible?
IS there a back-up plan available if it rains?
When can the vendors arrive to set up or deliver?
How many guests can the venue accommodate

4. General:
Are there clean-up services offered for afterwards?
What is the cancellation policy?
Is there space for a tent?
Is there space for a gazebo?
Is there accommodation where one can get ready the day of the wedding?

5. Decor:
Can you provide chairs for the reception?
Can you provide chairs for the ceremony?
What type and style chairs are available?
Can you supply table cloths? If so in what colour?
Can you supply table runners? If so in what colour?
Can you supply serviettes? If so in what colour?
Can you supply underplates? If so in what colour?
Can you supply a cake stand?
Can you supply silverware?
Can you supply glassware?
Do you offer decor or floral services?
Do you have a corner for a photobooth?
Can you supply extra tables? (wine, music, gift, cake, food tables)

6. Food & Drinks:
Do you provide in-house catering?
Does the in-house catering have to be used?
can you provide the liquor?
What is your pricing for liquor?
Can we bring our own liquor?
What is your corkage fee?
How many waiters should we budget for? And at what cost?
What is the price per head?
Do you have a menu we can choose from?


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