Determine your Face Shape

Determine your Face Shape

Determine your Face Shape

Determine your face shape

Struggling to figure out what face shape you have? Here is a guide that can helo you determine your face shape.

Determine your face shape

1. Oval
Characteristics/looks like: Oval face shapes have the most balanced proportions and it is the most versatile face shape. Key characteristics are a lightly curved jawline that is narrower than the forehead and prominent cheekbones.

Eyebrows: Wear a soft angled shape to maintain your oval shape

Hair: Wear a hairstyle that’s layers start from below the eyes. With an oval face shape any parting will work. Avoid all one length long hair

Glasses: Most frame shapes work with this face shape


2. Round
Characteristics/looks like: The face width and length are almost the same with full cheeks and a rounded chin. This face shape also has a wide forehead and no clearly defined angles

Eyebrows: Wear a shape with a high arch toward the end of the brow to make face appear to be longer

Hair: A shoulder dusting cut with long layers and straight across bangs or a side parting is a great idea

Glasses: Angular or rectangular frames suit this face shape


Characteristics/looks like: Cheekbones, forehead and jawline are proportional in width and length with more angular lines. A broad forehead and jawline is a prominent feature with this face shape

Eyebrows: A shape with an arch that is directly above the jawline works for this face shape. The stronger your jawline, the more defined the peak.

Hair: Wear a shoulder length cut with layers from your chin to collarbone and side swept bangs

Glasses: Oval and round frames suit this face shape


4. Heart
Characteristics/looks like: A broad forehead that extends down to a narrow jawline and chin with high and angled cheekbones are key characteristics of this face shape.

Eyebrows: Start with a low arch, round curved brows and add volume to it as you add length. This will soften/balanced your strong chin and prominent forehead.

Hair: A Pixie cut or blunt long bob with either a side or center parting works great with this face shape

Glasses: Square or aviator frames suit this face shape


5. Oblong
Characteristics/looks like: This face shape has an enlarged feature from the forehead to the chin where the chin may be prominent. Usually the face tapers towards the chin, has high cheekbones, a long nose and tall forehead.

Eyebrows: Wear a flat eyebrow shape to make a long face appear shorter

Hair: Having bangs can help hide a big forehead. Cuts such as bobs are great as it gives the illusion of more width.

Glasses: Tall, round, square or broad frames suit this face shape


6. Diamond
Characteristics/looks like: This is the rarest face shape that there is. The face is usually the widest at the temples and the face is highly angular. Key characteristics are a small forehead, small chin, high cheekbones and narrow jawline.

Eyebrows: Wear a curved eyebrow shape to soften the whole face and make the widest points appear less wide.

Hair: For a long hairstyle make sure that you have lots of layers. Layers make your face look more open. For shorter hair try an angled bob.

Glasses: Rounded frames suit this face shape

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