Dealing with Toddler Eczema + Favourite Eczema Creams

Dealing with Toddler Eczema + Favourite Eczema Creams

Dealing with Toddler Eczema + Favourite Eczema Creams

Managing Toddler Eczema + Favourite Eczema CreamsEczema has been a part of our lives since little one has been ten months old and it has caused many sleepless nights, tears and sheer pain for her. We have tried many products over the years and finally found two creams that really work.

Eczema has really been ruling our lives for quite a while and at times it has felt like a loosing battle. Little One had her first experience with eczema when she was ten months old and since then it has been an uphill struggle.


Where did it all start?

We noticed a rash for the first time when she was ten months old. She was busy teething and developed a very bad rash from drooling in her neck and all over her chest. At first we thought it was purely because of the drooling and then it got really bad. We took her to the doctor and he confirmed it was eczema and the drool was aggravating it. He prescribed a mild cortisone cream which made the rash and eczema in her neck and on her chest go away. We thought that was the end of it, but oh boy were we wrong!


The eczema battle begins

When she was around one and a half the eczema returned. This time in the folds of her feet, her knees and on her legs. It was much worse this time and started during winter, so her skin became extra dry and she would literally scratch her skin open. We went back to the doctor once again and he gave us the same cortisone cream which kept the eczema under control, but she still experienced regular flare ups.


Fast forward to 2017

Now along with the cortisone cream we have used almost every moisturiser intended for eczema and nothing seemed to work. After she turned three her eczema was at its worst. There were periods where both her and I would not sleep for weeks at a time and her skin would be raw and bleeding from scratching. I hated using a cortisone cream continuously and we tried natural routes, all kinds of eczema creams and even wet wrapping, but nothing worked.

It got to the point where I was getting so little sleep that it felt like I was losing my mind and it was so painful to see her in so much pain and discomfort.


The last straw

I had enough and decided to take her to a different doctor. We couldn’t go on the way we were and there had to be a point where her skin should have some relieve. This was finally the turning point for us and there was a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.


The turning point

Little One’s eczema is aggravated by food allergies. She currently eats foods that are natural and nothing with spices, sauces, colourants, preservatives and no milk! Since cutting these things out of her diet her skin is so much better! Along with the diet change we also found two products that are life savers and works wonderful on the skin!

1. Cream for Moisturising – Epi-max

I absolutely swear by the Epi-max range! This is the best cream we’ve found that works for extremely dry skin and eczema. It really helps with all those extra dry patches and it keeps her skin hydrated and moisturised.

You can get this cream from Dischem, Pick ‘n Pay and Clicks and will cost you around R65 (for 400g).

2. Cream for Skin Irritations – Bepanthen Sensiderm Cream

Even though her eczema is now under control, her skin does flare up every now and again. This cream from Bepanthen is the best we have found so far. This was given to us by our doctor and we have repurchased it every month since. This is ideal to put on her skin when she has a flare up or a rash as it calms the skin and the best part of this cream: it is cortisone free!

This one is a bit more expensive and will cost you roughly R200 (for 50g), but a little of this cream goes a long way. So far I have only seen this cream at Dischem.

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