My favourite Nail Products

My favourite Nail Products

My favourite Nail Products

My favourite Nail ProductsGood morning lovelies! I have such a big collection of nail products, but out of all of them there are a few favourites I love the most. My favourite nail products change from time to time as I discover new amazing products and today I want to share my current favourite nail products with you.

I absolutely love doing my nails and I have a lot of nail products ranging from polishes, nail art tools and nail care products. I also love adding new products, which means my favourite list changes every now and again.


1. Care & Effect Nail PolishesMy favourite Nail Products 2

I have quite a bunch of care and effect nail polishes in my collection, but these three are absolutely amazing!

Care Nail Polish

My nails really take a beating at times and the Essence XXL Nail Thickener Polish is fantastic at saving them. This nail polish ensures my nails stay strong and I love using it as a base coat.


Top coat

This is by far my favourite top coat. The Essence Ultra Gloss Nail Shine gives me an incredible gel finish plus my nail polish last super long with it on.


Effect Nail Polish

I absolutely love a matt nail, but I sometimes find a matt nail polish lacking coverage and colour. The Essence Nail Art Satin Matt Top Coat is ideal to apply over my regular/gel nail polish and gives me the perfect matt nail.


2. Colour Nail PolishesMy favourite Nail Products 3

I own so many colour nail polishes, but out of them all these are the three I use the most.

A Bright Colour

My most favourite bright colour of all time is this pretty mint polish from essence. I love the colour of this polish and it’s such a happy colour (which I wear all year round)

Shade: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 40 play with my mint


White Nail Polish

I cannot function without a white nail polish in my collection. I love using it as a colour on its own (a lot of my nail looks have white in) or as a base coat to make my colour nail polish pop. This one from Essence is a must have for me!

Shade: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 33 wild white ways


Nude Nail Polish

This is another must have colour for me and I have way too many of them! This one from Sorbet is a favourite as I love the colour and the finish that this polish has.

Shade: Sorbet Melting Moment


3. Nail ArtMy favourite Nail Products 4

I love creating pretty nail art and these two are a favourite to use to create those looks.

Manicure Tip Guides

The Essence French Manicure Creative Tip Guides has helped me create some great looks and they are super easy to use.


Stripe Nail Art Stickers

The Essence Holo Stripes Nail Art Stickers are really amazing to use and I use them as guides or for an extra effect on my nails.

What are your nail favourites? I would love to read about them so please leave me a comment below!

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