Easy Toddler High Bun

Easy Toddler High Bun

Easy Toddler High Bun

Easy Toddler High BunGood morning lovelies! I have a fun post for you guys today! Little one and I decided to create some cute toddler hairstyles to share with you guys.

Little one’s hair has grown so much and it is finally the length where I can create some pretty styles with her hair. She loves having her hair done and we have so much fun with it. She went through a stage where all she wanted was messy hair and I was not allowed to tie her hair or do anything with it! So I am really enjoying trying new things with her hair and she is loving the results.

We have created a few different looks that I’ll share over the next few weeks. Today I want to share this really easy style with you: a high bun with a bow

Easy Toddler High BunCreating a bun with little ones hair is most definitely the easiest and our go to look if we need to pop out quickly or just quickly tie her hair. A fun thing to add to this style is a hair bow. She loves adding a colourful bow to her hair and it makes this hairstyle look so cute.

With this style you create a high bun and then you can add a bow either at the front of the bun or at the back.

Easy Toddler High BunEasy Toddler High Bun

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