Essence Trend Addition {Me & My Umbrella}

Essence Trend Addition {Me & My Umbrella}

Essence Trend Addition {Me & My Umbrella}

Essence Trend Addition {Me & My Umbrella}I absolutely love it when Essence brings out a new trend edition! The products are always super gorgeous and I end up wanting them all! This range has some really pretty products and is perfect for Autumn! Check out what you can find in this trend edition.


1. Essence me & my umbrella {mini contouring set} – 64,95*
Essence me & my umbrella – mini contouring set

This contouring set consists of two mini sticks with a creamy texture plus the set includes step-by-step instructions that help you achieve perfect results.


2. Essence me & my umbrella {blush} – R74,95*
essence me & my umbrella – blush


3. Essence me & my umbrella {matt eyeshadow} – R44,95*
essence me & my umbrella – matt eyeshadow


4. Essence me & my umbrella {eyebrow thickener} – R54,95*
essence me & my umbrella – eyebrow thickener

This is an eyebrow powder that has a sponge applicator that will ensure smooth and perfectly defined brows. This products is ideal for blondes and brunettes and is available in 01 brighter than sunshine and 02 walking on the rainbow.


5. Essence me & my umbrella {matt lipstick} – R49,95*
essence me & my umbrella – matt lipstick

Available in 01 crazy autumn love and 02 i ♥ rainy days.


6. Essence me & my umbrella {contouring brush} – R64,95*
essence me & my umbrella – contouring brush


7. Essence me & my umbrella {rain boots nail polish} – R44,95*
essence me & my umbrella – rain boots nail polish

These nail polishes look absolutely gorgeous (and I just love the look of the packaging!). You can pick these up in four shades and they have a semi-matt, gummy finish.


8. Essence me & my umbrella {nail stencils} – R29,95*
essence me & my umbrella – nail stencils

These products from Essence will be available from April 2017. All prices listed are recommended retail price.

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