My Favourite Skincare Products

My Favourite Skincare Products

My Favourite Skincare Products

My Favourite Skin Products
A few weeks ago I started sharing some of my favourite products. This week I have some of my favourite skincare products to share with you!

When it comes to skincare products I am quite picky. I have sensitive skin so finding something that works can be a problem. I decided to put five of my favourite skincare products together that work extremely well and that I cannot be without.

My Favourite Skin Products 2


I’ve written a review on this amazing product a few weeks ago. This has really changed my unmanageable oily skin, helped reduce oiliness and the appearance of acne! This has to be one of the best skincare products I’ve purchased and it works wonders. You can buy this toner for R41.95 from Clicks.

You can read my review here: CLICKS OIL CONTROL TONER


2. Garnier Oil Control Complete Vanishing Cream

Another amazing product that I found for oily skin. This cream really helps to control my oily skin and gives me a shine free look. I also love how soothing it feels on my skin and that it’s super affordable.

You can buy this face cream for R29.95 from Clicks.



Finding a face wash that doesn’t leave me with red and irritated skin has been quite a challenge. This oil based face wash from Lipidol has been a lifesaver. I love the fact that it’s oil based and turns into a wash as soon as you add water. It is really great for washing away dirt, make-up and it leaves my skin feeling smooth (so no red blotches or burning skin).

You can buy this face oil for R79.95 from Clicks.


4. Johnson’s Hydration Essentials Cleansing Wipes

I just cannot get enough of these Wipes! I have been using these for a few months and I’m absolutely loving them. They are really amazing at removing make-up and they don’t leave my skin feeling dry or irritated after using them.

You can buy these face wipes for R49.95 from Dischem.


5. Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer

I am extremely pale (like scary pale) and I have fallen in love with the Caribbean Tan products! This one is my absolute favourite as it’s easy to apply, gives me an instant tanned look plus it wears really well and doesn’t rub off easily! I also find that the bottles lasts for a good few tans which makes it a cost effective option as well.

You can buy this tanner for R94.95 from Dischem.


What are your skincare favourites? I would love to hear so please leave me a comment below.

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