My Favourite Toddler Hair Products

My Favourite Toddler Hair Products

My Favourite Toddler Hair Products

Good morning lovelies! Today I decided to write a bit of a different post and I am very excited to share a few of my (and Little One’s) Favourite Toddler Hair Products with you.

Little One’s hair has grown so much over the last year and with the longer hair I needed some extra help to manage it. She also loves any kind of hair accessory and there are a few that are really great to use on her hair.


Hair Care

1. Oh So Heavenly Merry Mermaid Shampoo
We ran out of our normal baby shampoo and I decided to get her something else. We were walking down the hair isle in Clicks and she says “Mommy I want mermaid hair!” This Merry Mermaid shampoo immediately caught her eye and my child wanted mermaid hair, so I decided to get it for her.

It’s really easy to see why this caught her eye, the packaging is really cute! This shampoo also has such a lovely grape fragrance and I love that it’s created for thick and fussy hair! Although Little One has thin hair, they are quite curly at the ends and this shampoo is also great to use to prevent tangles.

This is also a tear free shampoo which is great for a toddler that can’t sit still while you wash and rinse her hair. We really love this shampoo and you get a Merry Mermaid conditioner as well! This shampoo is also really budget friendly at just R29.95


2. Oh So Heavenly Lovely Locks Hair Detangler Spray
Another great Oh So Heavenly hair product for kids! As I’ve mentioned Little One’s hair gets quite tangled by her curls and this spray helps a lot.

This detangling spray is enriched with Chamomile extract and a special conditioning agent that will condition the hair and detangle any stubborn knots in the hair. This can be used on wet and dry hair, but I prefer to use it on her hair when it’s still wet and then a little bit on her curls when her hair is dry.

This spray has such a lovely smell and makes her hair a lot easier to comb. It says on the bottle that it’s non sticky, I have found it to be a bit sticky when you first spray it, but after it dries it feels fine.

This is a great product for Little One’s knotty hair and again very affordable at a price of R21.95


3. Brush
I normally use a bigger brush on her hair, but this cute compact brush is great to carry around while we are out. It fits into her bag or my handbag with ease and it’s easy enough for her to use on her own.


Hair Accessories

Little One just loves hair accessories! We literally have a drawer full of them (and they are all over the house as well). She loves colourful accessories and there are a few favourites we use:

  • Hair bows – We have a million of these and they can be used to create some cute hairstyles.
  • Butterfly Clips – What little girl doesn’t love these?
  • Clear Elastics – These are great for her very thin hair.
  • Coiled hair ties


What are your favourite products for your toddlers hair? I would love to hear so please leave me a comment below.

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