Clicks Oil Control Toner

Clicks Oil Control Toner

Clicks Oil Control Toner

Having oily skin absolutely sucks! I have combination skin and when my skin gets oily it drives me insane. I use a combination of products to combat this problem, but recently discovered this gem: the Clicks Oil Control Toner.

Everyone with oily skin knows what a struggle it is to find the perfect products to help combat oily skin. I’ve been looking for a toner for a while and came across this one from Clicks.

The Clicks Oil Control Toner with cucumber and tea tree helps to remove excess oil from your skin, it removes residual traces of makeup and it prepares your skin for moisturisation. It’s also enriched with an active shine control complex that helps regulate oil production and leave you with shine free skin.

After reading what this toner can do I was extremely excited to try it out and see if it truly delivers on its promises. I’ve been using this toner since September and all I can say is Hell Yes! This toner has been a savior for my skin. Applying this toner has made a huge difference in my skin and has left my skin looking healthy and a lot less oily. Before using this toner my oily skin was out of control and now I maybe have one day of slightly oily skin every now and again.

I also love the soothing effect the cucumber and tea tree has on my skin. After applying it my skin feels less irritated and really cool. I have also noticed that it helps a lot with breakouts! I haven’t had a real breakout since I started using it and when I feel that my skin is going to break out, I apply this toner and any new or existing pimples go away a lot faster!

So in conclusion: I am loving the effect this product has on my skin and that it has helped me control my suborn oily skin! It’s also very affordable and Clicks has a few that you can choose from to suit your skin needs!

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