Five ways to wear a Chambray Shirt

Five ways to wear a Chambray Shirt

Five ways to wear a Chambray Shirt

Five ways to wear a Chambray Shirt

So you own a Chambray shirt, but not sure how to wear it?  Well don’t worry, because here are five ways to wear a Chambray Shirt

Every woman should own a Chambray shirt seeing that it’s a wardrobe staple that can be worn any season and where the styling possibilities are endless. I have compiled my five favourite ways to wear this shirt so that you can stop wondering on how to wear it.

1. Pair your Chambray shirt with a belt
Chambray Shirt with a belt

It’s a great idea to add a belt around the waisteline of your shirt. Wear a thinner belt if you are wearing your shirt with pants, tights or jeans and wear wider belts if you are pairing it with a skirt.

2. Wear your Chambray shirt with a statement necklace
Chambray Shirt & Statement Necklace

Add a statement necklace when wearing your chambray shirt. This creates a feminine look that is great for a more formal look or simply to create more of a statement. A silver or gold-only necklace will look amazing with this shirt.

3. Wear your Chambray shirt open
Chambray Shirt worn open

Your shirt can be worn open like a jacket or cardigan when you pair it with a T-shirt or a tank top. This is a great lightweight alternative to a denim jacket this summer.

4. Wear your Chambray shirt knotted
Chambray Shirt tied in a knot

You can wear your shirt knotted at the waist. This is great to wear over a dress or a maxi skirt.

5. Wear your Chambray shirt buttoned
Chambray Shirt buttoned up

You can always just choose to wear your chambray shirt plain and buttoned. That way you can layer it with a sweater or cardigan. This look works great with shorts, pants or a skirt.

Next week I will show you a few ways on how you can wear a plaid shirt, so make sure that you don’t miss it! Also keep an eye out for more outfits created by wearing a Chambray shirt.

What’s your favourite way to wear a chambray shirt? I would love to hear! Feel free to leave a comment, tag Bobs & Rouge on your favourite social media or simply email me! (my email address is on the contact page)

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