Essence XXL Nail Thickener Polish

Essence XXL Nail Thickener Polish

Essence XXL Nail Thickener Polish

Have you ever struggled with thin, brittle nails? Or are your nails just in need of a repair? Well my nails sometimes need a bit of extra love and this Essence XXL nail thickener polish will help repair your damaged nails.

Due to wearing nail polish or artificial nails nearly all the time, I find that my nails need some repair every now and again due to them getting brittle and very thin. With my nails in this state I find it impossible to grow my nails longer or even to create a pretty manicure.

I have always loved the Essence nail care polishes and find that they work really well. I recently got this XXL nail thickener polish and couldn’t wait to see if it will improve my nails.

This polish is created to instantly thicken and strengthen brittle, thin nails and to help you have longer and more beautiful nails. This polish applies in a nice and thick layer, works great as a base coat and it dries extremely fast! It also has a great finish and it will help your colour polish last longer.

After using this for two weeks I can say that I really see a difference! Not only has it strengthened my nails, but this polish also works great as base coat!


This is yet another great Essence nail polish that takes care of your nails and you can get it for R39.95

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