My Weight Loss Progress

My Weight Loss Progress

My Weight Loss Progress

My Weight Loss Progress
Morning beauties and happy Thursday! I am so happy that the weekend is almost here! Today I have a more personal post and it has taken some time and courage to post this. I want to share my weight loss progress with you.

Earlier this year I had a series of healthy living posts that included everything from how to start a healthy lifestyle to recipes and tools that could help you. I have been living a healthier life since January and the changes I feel in my body and even my mind is incredible.


My weight gain story

After having little one I had a very bad experience to birth control. Due to breastfeeding there were only certain ones I could take and one of them had horrible effects on my body. I maintained a healthy weight during pregnancy and even after having her my body bounced back quickly, that’s why I was so shocked when I gained weight 12 months after her birth.

It took me a few months to realize it was the birth control and once I stopped breastfeeding I immediately switched back to my usual birth control, but the damage was already done. I felt extremely uncomfortable in my body and would literally avoid going out at all costs. I was at an all time low and felt horrible about myself. I finally decided enough is enough and that a change is needed.

So I did the one thing I hate doing and made a New Years resolution to get my body back and change my lifestyle for the better.


Healthy Eating

My lifestyle change started with what I ate. I changed the way I ate completely!

With work being busy and us being a bit lazy, we got more takeaways and cooked less. So the first change was to eliminate the takeaways and cook healthy meals at home. We still enjoy takeaways every now and again, but cooking our own meals has really helped me eat better.

I am not one for diets or eating plans so I just ate the correct portion size, ate fresh fruits and vegetables, ate balanced meals and cut out most of the sugar and junk I was consuming (pastries, breads, sweets, chips, soda) and just by doing that I saw myself going back to the weight that I was before. Another thing that also helped was drinking lots of water!

So I found that balanced healthy meals, healthy snacks and a lot of water helped me towards reaching my goal.

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I have to be honest and admit that I rarely exercised. I attempted to workout here and there, but I would always end up quitting. While working on losing the weight I worked out for a week or two and then running after a three year old also keeps me active.

I only started working out again two weeks ago and my plan is to stick to my workout routine and get my body toned.


Healthy Living

It really is all about changing your lifestyle. Just changing your lifestyle impacts your weight loss in a great way. Making healthier choices is never easy in the beginning, but it becomes habit.

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My changes

I am extremely happy with what I have achieved so far. I fit back into clothes that I wore in college and overall I feel happy with myself. I feel more comfortable and most importantly I feel better about myself. Here are some photos to show how my body has changed:

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It really took a lot for me to share my weight loss progress today and changing my lifestyle has really had a big impact on my body and my mind.

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