Review: Essence Gel Nails at Home

Review: Essence Gel Nails at Home

Review: Essence Gel Nails at Home

Essence Gel Nails at Home

A gel nail really look good, but not all of us has the time or money to go to a salon to get our nails done. The Gel Nails at Home kit from Essence enables you to get gel nails out of the comfort of your home at a fraction of salon prices.

Why I love this

The Essence Gel Nails at Home set is amazing to have if you love gel nails. It is convenient to use at home and saves all the time it would take to go to a nail salon. The products that go with this kit also last quite long. I have had my kit for a year now and the bottles aren’t even half yet.

I know not every one is great at doing their own nails, but this is really easy to use and the look of the gel nails look amazing.

Here are the products you will need to create the gel nails and their prices:

  • Essence Gel nails at home peel off base – R57.95
  • Essence Gel nails at home clear top coat – R57.95
  • Essence Gel nails at home primer – R47.95
  • Essence Gel nails at home cleanser -R47.95

how i use this

There are a few things you need to do when you use the gel nails at home kit. Here are some of my tips when using the gel nails at home:

1. When you use the nail oven, only use it for 1 minute per coat. If your top or bottom coat is not thick enough, rather apply a second coat and put it in the nail oven again

2. Use thinner coats rather than thick coats. The chance of bubbling is less with a thinner coat

3. Use a cotton wipe instead of cotton balls. You don’t want little pieces of cotton wool all over your nails and stuck under your gel nails.

4. Once you have taken your nails out of the nail oven after a top or bottom coat, use the cleanser to clean off any sticky residue that is left behind.

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    1. Hi there Jolene! Thank you so much. Unfortunately Essence only sells the mini nail oven now, but you can get them from Clicks or Dischem. I find that Dischem is the best place to look. If they do not have any, you can also contact Essence South Africa ad they may be able to help get one to your nearest Dischem branch, that is how I got mine (They were forever sold out!) I hope that this helps:) You can also go look on the Essence website for a price:

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