DIY Photography Packaging

DIY Photography Packaging

Here are a few great ideas for packaging if you have your own photography business. This is an easy DIY Photography Packaging idea.

I have been trying to think of the perfect packaging to give to my photography clients. Presentation is a big part of the business and coming across as professional is very important.

I spent a good time thinking if a gift bag would be best or a box, if I should print stickers or not and what is best to put my photos on, a disc or flash drive? After wondering about this for a while I finally came up with the perfect packaging.

DIY Photography Packaging

1. What to put the photos on:
I finally decided on a flash drive. In my opinion giving a client a flash drive looks more professional and it is a small corporate gift at the same time.

Flashdrive branding

2. What to put the flash drive in:
A lot of people use boxes or small gift bags, after looking at the price and considering what would happen if the images need to be sent by courier, I decided on a small round metal box. The box is just big enough to fit the flash drive and to keep it from moving around too much and getting damaged, I will also fill the box with white tissue paper.

Photography Packaging Container

3. Branding
In order to make sure all my packaging is branded, I designed stickers to put on both the metal box and the flash drive. I designed a round label with all my contact details on to put on the lid of the metal box and a smaller sticker with my business name on that fits on the side of the flash drive.

Photography Packaging Stickers

4. Printed Material
A nice thing to give with a clients package every now and again is a coupon. If you are running a special you can print coupons to give with that fits in with your overall brand.

Photography Coupons

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