3 Essence Face Products

3 Essence Face Products

3 Essence Face Products

3 Essence Face Products
If there’s one thing that I cannot stock up on enough then it’s great face and cover products. Today I want to share these 3 Essence Face Products with you.

I received these products a few months ago and I’ve been testing them out to see how they work. I always look for makeup that looks natural and flawless which is why I love these three products. A big thing that always impresses me with the Essence products are their affordability. These three products will give you the desired look and won’t break the bank. So here’s a bit more about each product:


1. Essence Pure Nude Make-up

Essence pure NUDE make-up 1
When I first opened this foundation and applied it I was a little bit put off. I felt that it’s a bit more runny and it has a smell to it. I decided to give it a fair chance despite those two aspects and I have come to love it.

The smell I find fades after a bit and I do find that it gives you great coverage and it’s a great lightweight foundation. I also love the packaging. It really looks nice and the packaging matches the product.
Essence pure NUDE make-up 2
You can get this foundation for R79.95


2. Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer

camouflage cream concealer
I’ve used the Essence Match2Cover concealer before and loved it! The Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer is also a favourite. This is a staple in my make-up bag and I love the great coverage it gives you.

This concealer is easy to use, long lasting and really affordable. Those things make it a must have for me.
camouflage cream concealer 2
You can get this concealer for R54.95


3. Essence Pure Nude Concealer

 pure NUDE concealer
This is another great concealer to add to the list. I love the pencil tube, which makes it easy and mess free to use. I also find the texture and feel really lovely and the coverage is great. Again I love the simple packaging and the affordability.
pure NUDE concealer 2
You can get this concealer for R54.95

So if you’re looking for great face and cover products to add to your make-up bag, give these a try!

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