Letibalm – Nose and Lip Repair Balm

Letibalm – Nose and Lip Repair Balm

Letibalm – Nose and Lip Repair Balm

Letibalm {Nose and Lip Repair Balm}
If there’s one thing that I hate in winter then it’s the dry skin around my nose and dry lips. Today I want to tell you all about the great product Letibalm has that repairs both those problems!

It’s only recently that I’ve heard about Letibalm and I am so glad that I did. I received these two products just in time for Winter and I’ve been testing them to see if they work.


A little bit about Letibalm

Due to blowing our noses constantly in winter it can really damage the skin between the nose becoming dry, and we all know that with winter comes dry lips. The great news is that Letibalm offers a product that is designed to take care of your lips, nose and the skin in between.

Their products are gentle and restores, moisturizes and repairs cracked lips and irritated skin. Not only does it repair the damage, it also creates a protective layer that prevents any further damage. These products come in a 10ml liquid tube or 10ml jar and they also have a paediatric balm that is suitable for children 0 to 8 years.

Letibalm {Nose and Lip Repair Balm} 2
Letibalm {Nose and Lip Repair Balm} 3

Letibalm {Nose and Lip Repair Balm} 4
Letibalm {Nose and Lip Repair Balm} 5

What I thought

I was really excited to try them out as I suffer quite badly with dry and cracked lips. Also with winter my nose gets raw and damaged from the constant nose blowing and wiping. I’ve tried out both the liquid tube and jar of Letibalm and I am loving it. The texture of the balm is really smooth which makes it easy to apply and the liquid tube is really convenient for use.

I could noticeably feel a difference on my lips and nose when using them, and it soothed the dryness and repaired any damage. I also love the fact that they have a paedriatic product as toddlers are prone to runny noses, and that will come in very handy for my 2 year old!

Overall I am really impressed with these two products and they will be great during winter!


If your looking to get this product you can buy it for R70 at Dischem, Selected Pick ‘n Pay’s and leading pharmacies.

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