Deciding on your Wedding Stationary

Deciding on your Wedding Stationary

Deciding on your Wedding Stationary

Deciding on your Wedding StationaryDeciding on your Wedding Stationary

Your wedding stationary is one of the first impressions that people get of your wedding. Here is a guide to help you Deciding on your Wedding Stationary.

When it comes to your wedding stationary thorough planning is required. This is one of the first things that you start planning when you decide to get married. If you are lucky enough to be crafty or know someone crafty to design your stationary you can save a lot on stationary design costs. Otherwise there are so many talented wedding stationary designers out there that can help.

Here are a few tips when choosing your stationary and doing the design:

1. If you are on a budget, consider DIY wedding stationary or see if you have someone crafty and arty that can help you. You can also look online for DIY printables and pre-made designs.

2. Keep all your wedding stationary consistent. You want everything to fit in with each other and with your wedding theme.

3. Collect as many references and pictures of what you are interested in to get a better idea of what you want. If you are hiring someone to help you with the design, this will make their job a lot easier.

4. When you choose the design of your stationary, think of what you envisioned for your theme. The stationary should go hand in hand with your theme.

Here is a list of stationary that you will need for your wedding:

  • Invitations
  • Save the dates
  • Wedding programs
  • Name/Place cards
  • Table seating chart
  • Menus
  • Personalised Stickers for bottles, gifts, packaging, tags
  • Table numbers
  • Thank you cards (if you want to send them)
  • Any paper decorations (props, paper bunting, direction signs)
  • Custom Guest book design (optional)
  • Custom made gift box (optional)

What I did for my wedding stationary:

1.Save the dates & Invites:
Our save the date designs were a simple, neat and clean design. We wanted something small to just inform our guests and they had to be reminded of when our wedding will take place. We used the two base colours for the save the dates and put a magnet strip on the back so that guests can put it on their fridge.

Our Wedding invites had the same black butterflies and paper used in the design, we just added the green ribbon that is used throughout on our stationary and the silver buckle. The black flap with the butterflies on was cut out where the butterflies are, which left the white at the bottom of the invite exposed. Once you open it all the relevant information was there. We made sure that we put directions to the venue and accommodation contact numbers in with the invitations.

Wedding Stationary - invites

2.Seating Chart:
Our seating chart was laid out on an A1 size paper. We incorporated all three colours into the design, with the main colour being white. The pages curled over at the bottom exposing the green, and we added the same ribbons and pop-up butterflies to the design.

Wedding Stationary -table numbers and menus

3. Menus & Table Numbers:
We incorporated our table numbers and menus into one design to save space on the guest tables. The card design was a fold open design, the front fold was half the length which displayed the table number and the inside fold had the menu printed on. It had the same theme with the pop up butterflies and green ribbon.

Wedding Stationary -table numbers and menus

4. Thank you gifts and name cards:
Our thank you gifts doubled as name cards for the guest tables. We had a small hand made little box, tied closed with a green ribbon and a black butterfly on. We filled our gift boxes with mints for the guests to enjoy after their meal. Each gift was placed above the underplate on the tables.

Wedding Stationary - gift bags and name tags

5. Giftbox & Guestbook:
Our giftbox and guestbook followed the same theme as the rest of our stationary designs. We wanted them to be mainly white to stand out on the gift table which had a black table cloth on. The book and box was decorated with ribbon, butterflies and flowers.

Wedding Stationary - guestbook and giftbox

6. Black Butterflies:
We had handmade butterflies to put in between our flowers on the tables, in the bridal bouquet, on the invites, menus, save the dates & gifts. The butterflies had a 3D pop-up effect to them.

Wedding Stationary -black butterflies

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