Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set 2
I just love a good lipgloss and was completely in love when I saw this cute Essence Mini Lipgloss Set.

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set

Aren’t these just the cutest? I was immediately drawn to this set due to its cute and functional packaging as well as the size of the set. If you’re going to be out all day this is ideal to keep in your bag and you have the option of three beautiful shades to choose from. The shades in this set are soft and light tones with a gorgeous shine. They are easy to apply, give you the perfect look and  really lasts well.

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set 3
Not only did I love these, my two year old also fell in love with them! She loves her lipgloss and this cute set really caught her eye. This will be perfect for her when she’s a little bit older. I really enjoyed testing these out and here are a few swatches:

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set dark pinkEssence Mini Lipgloss Set dark pink swatch
This one is my favourite out of the three with its pink tone and beautiful gloss effect.

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set light pinkEssence Mini Lipgloss Set light pink swatch
This is a very light pink which gives you a gorgeous gloss effect with a slight hint of colour.

Essence Mini Lipgloss Set LightEssence Mini Lipgloss Set light swatch
This is a very light gloss that gives you more of the gloss effect than a colour. Its ideal for those times you just want a bit of gloss without colour.

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