Nail Hack: Dotting Tools

Nail Hack: Dotting Tools

Nail Hack: Dotting Tools

Nail Hack Dotting Tools
My nail art kit would not be complete without a great dotting tool. Today I share a few of my favourite Dotting Tools with you.

I am a big fan of adding polka dots to my nail art or using dotting tools to create elements such as hearts, flowers or patterns. Although I own an amazing dotting tool from Essence, there are a some other objects that you could convert into a dotting tool.

1. Classic Dotting Tool
You get a lot of professional dotting tools on the market, but this one from Essence is my absolute favourite. It has a small and big dotting side which enables you to create many looks.

2. Pen
You can use the tip of a pen as a dotting tool if you have nothing else. This really works very well and creates the perfect dots.

3. Bobby pin
A bobby pin is also a classic tool that you can use to create dots.

4. Needle/Pin
Lastly you can use the top part of a needle to add some dots to your manicure, but just be careful with this one, you don’t want to prick your finger!

I love that you have many options when it comes to dotting tools and I’m sure that there are still many out there that I didn’t even think about! I hope that you guys can use some of these to create beautiful nail art! Have a lovely day beauties ♥

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