Hair Hack: Longer & Fuller Ponytail

Hair Hack: Longer & Fuller Ponytail

Hair Hack: Longer & Fuller Ponytail

Longer & Fuller Ponytail Step 2
Good morning lovelies! I realized that I haven’t done a hair post in a while and decided to share one of my favourite looks and hair hacks with you today.

A ponytail is a classic style and one of the easiest to create. I love having a shorter hairstyle, but miss the days where my ponytail was longer. To solve this problem I use the perfect hair hack that enables me to create a longer and fuller ponytail in two easy steps!

Step 1 – Start by tying up the top part of your hair. The top ponytail will be thicker and fuller than the bottom one that you create.

Longer & Fuller Ponytail Step 1

Step 2 – Next tie up the hair that is still loose and hide the bottom ponytail underneath the top one. Play around with the height of the second ponytail to achieve the length that you want, just make sure that the bottom ponytail is hidden!

I really love the illusion that this hack creates and I hope that you found this tip useful! Longer & Fuller Ponytail final

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