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Essence Lip Balms {Review}

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Essence Lip Balms    
We all love lip balms right? And a lip balm with a bit of colour can sometimes be even better! Today I tell you all about these two great balms from Essence and why I love them!

Lip balm is a big staple item for me and I have so many in my collection that I’ve lost count. Traditionally you will get a clear balm to apply to your lips for those healing properties, and with these Essence lip balms you get the healing properties and the added bonus of a gorgeous colour on your lips.

Kiss care love lipbalm {07 fruity beauty}
Kiss care love lipbalm

This lip balm comes in your more traditional lip balm tube and I just love the branding on it. I also love the size of this product, which makes it ideal for when you’re on the go and it’s easy to carry around. I find that this lip balm is smooth and easy to apply and leaves you with a bit of a darker colour that is absolutely gorgeous. So if you like a darker coloured balm, then this one would be perfect.

Kiss care love lipbalm swatch
Not only does this balm protect, heal your lips and give you a gorgeous colour, it also has a lovely fruity smell. This lip balm comes in 4 shades and you can buy it for R24.95

Mini Sheer lipbalm {04 I am charming}
Mini Sheer lipbalm

This balm has a nice soft texture that really does leave you with soft lips and then a gorgeous colour as well. I find some coloured balms to be a bit too bright, but the mini sheer lipbalm is the perfect colour for me. I absolutely love the mini-stick that it comes in, which makes it easy to use and will fit into any bag. This lip balm is available in 4 shades and you can but it for R38,95

Mini Sheer lipbalm swatch

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