How to start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to start a Healthy Lifestyle
There comes a time that you might feel enough is enough and that a real change is in order, and that is why I am sharing my lifestyle change with you. This is the start of my Month long Healthy Lifestyle series and I hope to inspire and guide if you are looking to make a change.

I will start of with why I decided to change my lifestyle. I have never been overweight in my life and always at a healthy and slim weight. Even through my pregnancy with my daughter I gained no weight. My problem began a few months after birth when I was put on a contraceptive pill that did not agree with my body, and seeing that I was breastfeeding the options were limited to what I could use.

The scary thing is that in a month and a half on this pill I bloated up, which was a combination of weight gain and water retention. I could no longer fit into my clothes, my wedding ring didn’t fit me anymore and I felt extremely uncomfy in my own body. Unfortunately I realized too late that the pill was causing it and the damage was already done. I tried countless times to lose the weight, but each time I got derailed and that made me feel hopeless so I stopped trying. And then when the year started it was like a light just went on and I started my transition into a healthy lifestyle.

So this month’s theme will be focusing on a healthy lifestyle and I will have different topics and tools to help along the way. This post is all about preparing yourself, tips & tricks and how to get started.


1. It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle

The most important part of changing your lifestyle is changing your mind. You should not look at this change as a diet, but as a whole new way of living. You have to overcome the obstacles in your mind and realize that you have the power to change things (no matter how hopeless or hard it seems). This was the most challenging part for me.

2. What to start with

In order to start this health journey you need to ensure that you are organized and ready to take on this challenge (in the start it might feel like a challenge). Here is a list of a few things that you can do to prepare:

Monitor your weight
If your main goal is to lose weight keep track of it. Weigh yourself and take your measurements to see your progress, seeing progress is a big motivator on its own. I have designed a document that you can download and print to help you keep track of these things. Simply click on the image below to download it:

Monitoring your WeightMeasurements

Eat Well
Obviously one of the main things when changing your lifestyle is to start eating better. Eating healthier and cutting out bad foods will make a big difference. I started this journey by eating healthy without exercise and lost weight just by doing that. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, but I also felt so much better. Here are some things you can look at:

  • cut out sugar and bread
  • Say no to oily food
  • Eat small meals
  • Stop eating when you feel full
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruits
  • Cut down on processed food and eat at more vegetables
  • Cut out soda
  • Prepare your own meals
  • Have healthy snacks
  • Drink smoothies
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Keep a food diary

Regular Exercise
Exercise is extremely important. Start of slow to get yourself into a proper routine. If you are not used to exercise it might be hard to stick to a program in the beginning, but just keep your goals in mind and stick to it. Start out by exercising everyday for a week, to get into the habit. You can then later scale down once you know that you will stick to it.

Set Goals
It is important to set goals for yourself, but make sure they are realistic. If they are not realistic you will end up being disappointing and most likely feel like giving up. Goals are there to keep you motivated, so whenever you feel tempted just keep them in mind.


3. Tips & Tricks

Changing your lifestyle and breaking old habits can be really hard, but here are a few things I have learned through the process:

1. Quitting sugar – This was really hard for me, all I could think of was eating something sweet. By day 4 the cravings had passed and I was so glad that I stuck it out. If you feel like you are going to cave in, replace it with healthy sugar such as fruit just to get you over the first part.
2. Starting an exercise routine- I found it hard to start with this. In the past I would start, skip a night and then be totally demotivated to start again. So this time I exercised every night for a week and it became easier.
3. Take it day by day. If you get ahead of yourself it might seem like an impossible task. Focus on each day and it will be a lot easier.
4. Stick it out for a week and you will see it gets easier. After week one I felt so proud of myself and even more motivated.


I really hope you guys enjoyed my first health post of this series and I hope that you have found it helpful. I would really love to hear your thoughts or any advice that you might have. Next week is all about meal planning and I will have a great meal plan template for you to download. Have a happy and healthy week!

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