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Make-up Hack: Fixing Winged Liner

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Fixing Winged Liner
A gorgeous cateye is most definitely my favourite look, but sometimes mistakes happen! Today I would love to share this easy make-up hack with you: Fixing Winged Liner

Creating a cateye is not always and easy task and we all know the struggle of not smudging our liner while creating this look. I find it extremely annoying if I created a perfect cateye on the one eye, but messed up the other!

Fixing Winged Liner 2

Luckily there is an easy and quick fix for this annoying mistake and all you need is a q-tip and concealer! Simply put some concealer on the q-tip (one with a sharper point works best) and carefully dab it over the mistake, and then simply using the q-tip or the tip of your finger apply the concealer until the mistake is covered up.

Fixing Winged Liner 3

I would love to hear what you thought of this beauty hack and remember that I will have another one for you next week!

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