Easy Chicken Stir-fry

Easy Chicken Stir-fry

Easy Chicken Stir-fry

Easy Chicken Stirfry

Chicken is one of the easiest foods to make for dinner. By adding some vegetables with it you have the perfect recipe for a great tasting and filling stir-fry.

This easy chicken stir-fry is one of my favourite recipes. It is easy, quick to make and very filling.

2 Chicken breasts
250g Fresh cut up mushrooms
1/2 a Green pepper
1/2 a Red pepper
1 Tablespoon of salt (or the spice that you prefer)
3 Tablespoons of couscous
60ml Mild peri-peri sauce (optional)

Cut up all your ingredients (Chicken, Mushrooms, Green Pepper, Red Pepper)
Heat up your pan with a bit of olive oil in before you start frying everything
Add your chicken and fry it for a few minutes
Add your peppers and mushrooms and fry everything together
Add your sauce a few minutes before your stir-fry is done
*This dish can be served with rice

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