Easy Movember Manicure

Easy Movember Manicure

Easy Movember Manicure

Easy Movember Manicure
I can hardly believe that we’re already in November and today I want to share my Easy Movember Manicure with you.

This week I felt like a simple manicure so I decided to combine purple and black nail polish. Seeing that it’s movember I also added some cute moustaches on my nails.

A great way to add some cute elements to your nails is by using nail art tattoos! I decided to use some of the moustache shapes that are in my LCN Nail Cuticle Tattoo Set and they work great! These nail art tatoos are really easy to use and they create a lasting effect on your nails.

Easy Movember Manicure 3

Getting the look:
Step 1 – Start by painting all your nails except for your ring finger purple.
Step 2 – Next paint your ring finger nail with the black nail polish.

Applying the nail art tattoos:
Easy Movember Manicure 2
Step 1 – Start by cutting off the shape that you want to put on your nails. It’s best to cut it as small as possible.
Step 2 – Remove the clear strip on top of the nail art tattoo and place it on your nail. Make sure that your base coat is completely dry before you place it and that the nail art tattoo is the right way around.
Step 3 – Taking a piece of damp cotton wool gently dab over the nail art tattoo.
Step 4 – Once the nail art tattoo is on your nail, the piece of backing usually slides away. After you remove the backing, seal in the nail art tattoo with a top coat.

What I used:
Easy Movember Manicure 5
Easy Movember Manicure 4
Purple nail Polish: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 37 serendipity
Black Nail Polish: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 46 black is back
Nail Art Tattoos: LCN Nail Cuticle Tattoo Set

So there is my easy and quick Movember mani that you can try.

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