Going from Blonde to Red at home {Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color}

Going from Blonde to Red at home {Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color}

Going from Blonde to Red at home {Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color}

Going from Blonde to Red at home {Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color}
A few months ago I decided to go completely blonde and up until recently I was very happy with it, but I was missing my red hair and decided to go back to the colour that I love so much. Thanks to Garnier, I now have gorgeous red hair again.

A lot of people hesitate when it comes to colouring their hair at home, which is completely understandable. Having no experience with colouring hair and being scared of the outcome, is completely normal, but colouring your own hair doesn’t need to be a scary experience at all!

I have coloured my hair at home for years and I have never had a bad result or been nervous of the result. This time however I was a bit nervous going from bleached blonde to red. I did my research on if it’s possible and although many said yes, there were those who had their own bad experiences and I was really nervous it would come out orange or even pink! However I did not let that put me off and I went for it, and here is how I did it:

Going from bleached blonde to red

I had some great advice from a hairdresser on doing this myself and her best tip was to go for a more darker and deeper colour instead of a light and bright colour. A lighter and brighter colour might end up pink, so going with a darker colour makes that risk less.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

When I decided to colour my hair I chose this shade from the Infra Reds Collection. The formula gives you an ultra vivid and shiny red while the rich colour creme diffuses the colour deep into your hair for an extremely long-lasting colour result. Garnier has such a wide range of hair colour to choose from and they give you an amazing result. Here are some tips and instructions on how to use the Garnier colour:

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color 2

Applying the colour to your hair

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color 3
Unscrew cap from applicator bottle and squeeze the entire creme tube into the applicator bottle. Re-screw the cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to ensure an even mixture. After you have done that, snap off the tip of the applicator bottle and apply the mixture to your hair.

A few tips on applying the colour:

  • It’s always a good idea to put a towel over your shoulders. I prefer not to do this as it just gets in the way. If you’re not using a towel make sure you wear clothing you don’t mind getting any colour on.
  • Instead of applying my colour with the tip of the bottle, I prefer to use my hands entirely as it’s just so much easier for me.
  • It’s really important to follow the instructions when you apply the colour to your hair and leave it on for the appropriate time. I left my colour on for 35 minutes.
  • The one great thing that I noticed when applying this colour is that it’s really easy to clean off. I had nice big red blotches on my face and because I had no towel on, my shoulders were also red, but these stains removed with ease with a wet cloth and a little bit of body wash.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color 4

  • After you rinse out the colour, it’s very important to apply the conditioner. This is great for your hair and it smells amazing!

Going from Blonde to Red at home application

  • Don’t get a fright if the colour looks extremely bright after application, this is normal and it will darken.


Going from Blonde to Red at home befre, after Going from Blonde to Red at home 3 Going from Blonde to Red at home
Going from Blonde to Red at home 2

I am extremely pleased with my end result and I just love the intensity of the colour! This is such a vibrant and deep red and the exact result that I was going for. I will definitely need another colour to cover up my roots properly, but the overall transition from blonde to red really turned out great.

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