Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils
I want to share these five great Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils with you today and show you what you can expect from them.

I’ve had my eye on some of these long lasting eye pencils from Essence for a while and I got these five for my birthday this year. I have heard wonderful things about them and was excited to try them out for myself.

I chose these five shades, because they make a great addition to my make-up collection. I went with a few neutral tones and also decided to add a few colours that will stand out. I’ve used a lot of eye pencils over the years and a few times I was left with a pencil that was hard to use, that doesn’t last and that hardly gives off any colour. So when I first swatched these pencils I was so excited to see that the coulour is vibrant, the pencils are easy to use, you have the bonus of not having to sharpen them and they lasts really long when wearing them.

Not only are these pencils amazing, but they are also really budget friendly. I got these 5 pencils for R18 from Takealot.


05 C’est La Vie!
05 C'est La Vie!
05 C'est La Vie! 2
This is probably my favoutite pencil out of all of them. This is a very versatile shade as you can add it to any look and almost for every occasion. It is a really gorgeous shimmery colour.


17 Tu-Tu-Touquoise 17 Tu-Tu-Touquoise
17 Tu-Tu-Touquoise 2
This is a great vibrant shade for Summer and it really makes your eyes pop when wearing it. I am not generally one for bright colours on my eyes, but this is a gorgeous shade and really stands out.


19 Hot Scorch 19 Hot Scorch 19 Hot Scorch 2
This is also a new shade for me, but I have really fallen in love with it. This eye pencil is a really gorgeous copper shade.


20 Lucky Lead 20 Lucky Lead
20 Lucky Lead 2
This is a classic dark eyeliner and really looks amazing when applied. Dark pencils are a staple in my make-up bag and this is a great one to have.


18 Berry Merry
18 Berry Merry
18 Berry Merry 2
Instead of a vibrant and popping colour this is a very neutral berry shade that’s ideal for those classic looks and will even work great for a smokey eye.

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