Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum}

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum}

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum}

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum}
Today I have another gorgeous gel nail polish to share with you. If you’re looking for a plum polish then the Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum} is the perfect choice.

I love trying out new nail polishes and I always end up falling in love with them. As a nail polish hoarder a new nail polish is always great for my collection. This week I am sharing this gorgeous plum polish from Yardley and showing you what you can expect from it.

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum} 2

This was my first Yardley nail polish that I tried and it’s definitely a great one. I am totally in love with the deep colour of this polish and when it’s applied it has a gorgeous gel shine. This is a great gel nail polish that really gives you that gel appearance without all the hassle.

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum} 3
This polish applies with ease as it has a broader brush and it dries really fast. Once it is applied and dry you can wear it a while before it starts chipping away, so it lasts really well. You can get this polish for R59 which makes it really budget friendly!

Yardley Gel Lac Nails {Plum} 4

This is a great quality polish and you will have a gorgeous and vibrant gel manicure when using it.

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