Get the Look: Nude Glitter

Get the Look: Nude Glitter

Get the Look: Nude Glitter

Get the Look Nude Glitter

Adding a glitter with plain painted nails looks absolutely gorgeous. I love adding a glitter nail when I wear a nude nail polish. Here is a quick guide on how I achieved this look.

the look

Get the Look Nude Glitter
Step 1 – Apply your nude polish on all of your nails except for one (the nail that you will paint glitter on is your choice)
Step 2 – Apply the glitter nail polish on the nail that you left clean. I’ve found that adding 2 layers of glitter is perfect, but just make sure that the first layer is dry before you apply another
Step 3 – You can add a clear top coat to your nails to keep this look lasting long.

what i used

Get the Look Nude Glitter
Nude Polish: Essence colour and go 03 cotton candy
Glitter Polish: Essence Sparkling sugar effect 14 flash powder
Top Coat: Essence Gel-look top coat

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