John Frieda Full Repair

John Frieda Full Repair

John Frieda Full Repair

John Frieda Full Repair

Hair care is one of the most important parts of your beauty routine and finding the right products for your hair is crucial! Today I would love to introduce you to the John Frieda Full Repair products and tell you how they work and why I fell in love with them!

My hair has gone through some drastic changes over the last few years and through many different hair colours and the effects that pregnancy had on my hair I was left with dry, damaged and brittle hair. So I was extremely overjoyed when I was chosen for the John Frieda Product Review Club on Beauty Bulletin to try out and review these products. I have tested each of these products and I am amazed at how amazing my hair feels now.

  Top Hair Before
Before using these products my hair was extremely dry and when styling it I could feel and see just how damaged it was. Instead of soft and sleek hair I ended up with brittle and bushy hair.

Top Hair After
From the first wash, condition and oil elixir application I could feel and see a difference! My hair was noticeably softer, sleeker and felt so much healthier.

About the John Frieda Full Repair Products

The products in this range are formulated to help repair your damaged hair and breathe new life into it. This range has a Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Oil Elixir and a Root Lift Foam that all work together to give you the end result: healthy, happy and repaired hair! Apart from working like a charm these products smell absolutely amazing and these products are safe to use on colour treated and chemically treated hair!



1. Strengthen + Restore Shampoo and Conditioner
Strengthen + Restore Shampoo and Conditioner

Like every good hair repair kit you need a great shampoo and conditioner combo to cleanse and moisturize your hair. These two products are amazing and even just after using them my hair felt ten times better. The shampoo really cleanses your hair and you can really feel that the conditioner moisturizes and repairs at the same time.

These two products contain a strengthening formula with Inca Inchi Oil that is rich in Omega-3 to reverse the look and feel of damage with every use. These products are available in a 250ml tube and you can get them for R95 at Clicks

2. Full Repair Deep Conditioner
Full Repair Deep Conditioner

I really love a good deep conditioner as they can really make a difference when it comes to repairing your hair. This deep conditioner was super easy to use and the results are just amazing! It has an intense repairing formula with lightweight Inca Inchi Oil that penetrates deep and repairs over styled hair. When using this product your damaged hair will become silky soft and full.

Oil Elixer

Ends Before
Ends After
I absolutely loved using this product and how amazing my hair felt afterwards. This product comes in a 150ml tub and you can get it for R99 at Clicks.

3. Repairing Oil Elixir
Repairing Oil Elixir

This was my first time using an oil elixir and I was told that this was a great one to use and I really agree! A little goes a long way with this oil so all you need is one squeeze into the palm of you hand. It is ideal to run along the ends of your hair to help repair and you can even use it on dry hair to help maintain flyaway hairs (which many of us struggle with)

Deep Conditioner 1
Deep Conditioner 2

This oil leaves no oily patches in your hair and it smoothes, adds shine and strengthens damaged hair. This product comes in a 100ml pump dispensing bottle which is easy to use and you can get this product for R110 from Clicks.

4. Protecting Root Lift Foam
Protecting Root Lift Foam

This was the first time that I ever used a hair product like this and found it really easy to use. This product is designed to give you a weightless and flexible lift at your roots that is long lasting and this foam also contains a heat protection to help prevent breakage when you style your hair.

As this was my first time using a product like this I was really pleasantly surprised at how great it works and the wonderful lift it gives my hair at the roots. This product comes in a 200ml dispensing bottle that is easy to use and you can get this product for R110 from Clicks.

General Before & After 1
General Before & After 2

The Full Repair range from John Frieda is really heaven sent! If you are looking to restore your hair’s health and heal any damage to your hair, then this range is really the ideal choice. After using these products I would highly recommend them.

After 2  
After 3  
After 1

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