Spring Colourblocked Manicure

Spring Colourblocked Manicure

Spring Colourblocked Manicure

Spring Colourblocked Manicure

Need a gorgeous mani for Spring but have no time to do your nails? Well this Spring Colourblocked Manicure is easy, quick and the end result is gorgeous!

We all get those weeks where things are extremely busy, but this should not stop you from having a gorgeous manicure. This is one of those weeks for me and I decided to create an easy colourblocked look that’s quick to create and still looks stunning.

I wanted to stick with a Spring theme and decided on softer colours. My two favourite colours at the moment for my nails are blue and pink, so of course I used them for this look. Here is how you can create this look:

Step 1 – Start of by cutting small thin strips of tape. You will start this look by putting the tape in triangular form on the tip of your nails. For this look one triangle will be bigger than the other.
Spring Colourblocked Manicure step 1
Step 2 – I generally like to start by painting the bigger triangle first. Make sure that you do a thin coat and then top it off with a second coat. Because the area that you need to paint is so small, you don’t want thick polish.
Spring Colourblocked Manicure step 2
Step 3 – Next paint the smaller triangle.
Spring Colourblocked Manicure step 3
Step 4 – Wait for your polish to dry completely and then slowly remove the tape.
Spring Colourblocked Manicure step 4

Step 5 – Finish of your manicure with a top coat. I decided on a very light pink toned top coat.
Spring Colourblocked Manicure step 5


what i used Spring Colourblocked Manicure 2
Pink Nail Polish: Ice Box Colors 86 High Tea
Blue Nail Polish: Ice Box Colors 87 Bought A Yacht
Top Coat: Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop Nail Candies

Spring Colourblocked Manicure 3

So when you’re busy and need a quick and easy manicure, this look will be perfect! I would love to know what you thought of this look so please leave me a comment below.

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