Essence #mymessage Fragrances

Essence #mymessage Fragrances

Essence #mymessage Fragrances

Essence #mymessage Fragrances

Hey lovelies! So last week I did an awesome giveaway for the Essence #mymessage fragrances and today I would love to tell you a little bit more about them.

I am very selective when it comes to what fragrances I use seeing that I have horrible allergies. The wrong scent instantly triggers a reaction and I end up sick and with a horrible migraine. So when these first arrived I was a bit nervous, but after testing them out not only did each of them smell absolutely amazing, they had no effect on me, which means that I can wear them without any allergic reactions!

So let me tell you a little more about this fabulous fragrance range. The whole idea behind the #mymessage fragrances is to have a message in a bottle! Each of these fragrances have a symbol or smiley on that are essential for messages, showing our moods, our wishes and our love. This range has five lovely fragrances to choose from and you will definitely find the one for you!

1. #mymessageluck!

This fragrance is all about good luck and it has a fresh and floral-woody scent.

2. #mymessagewow!

This fragrance is sure to get you all excited with its floral, fruity and aquatic scent.

3. #mymessagesmile!

This sunny fragrance will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step with its fruity scent.

4. #mymessagekiss!

This fragrance is all about the excitement of a kiss! This is a lovely and exciting sweet scent.

5. #mymessagelove!

This fragrance is all about love and that feeling when you fell in love for the first time. This is by far my favourite scent!
If you are looking for a great fragrance that is of high quality and that is budget friendly, then these are perfect! These fragrances are available form Clicks for only R99.95!

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    1. Thank you so much Nihaad 😀 These are really great perfumes to have, they smell amazing and they are budget friendly! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

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