DIY Photo Props

DIY Photo Props

Buying photo props can get quite expensive, so why not just make your own instead?

Photo props seem to be the in thing to use in photoshoots lately. It can be quite expensive to buy so here is a tutorial on some easy DIY Photo Props.

What you will need:
1. Thin wooden sticks (Skewer sticks)
2. Strong packaging tape
3. Glue
4. Photo prop shapes
5. A thin cardboard

DIY Photo Props


1. Photo prop Shapes: For my shapes I designed a few common used shapes such as moustaches, lips, bow ties and masks. I got these shapes printed and cut out on a gloss sticker at a printing shop and then stuck them on a thin cardboard and cut them out by hand. This is a very inexpensive way to get your prop shapes made.

2. I used skewer sticks to put on the back of the prop shapes so that they can be held. You can cut them shorter as well if they are too long.

3. I put a thin strip of glue on the back of the prop shapes, stuck the skewer stick on and let it dry for a few minutes.

4. To make sure that the prop shapes are properly secure on the skewer stick, I put a piece of the packaging tape over the skewer stick and onto the prop shape. This way I know it won’t come loose while it is being used.

5. And there you go, you just made your own photo props!

DIY Photo Props

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