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I was recently invited to have a meal at Graciales at Peddlars & Co and today I would love to share the wonderful experience I had and what you can expect from this amazing place.

So first off, my husband and I have not had date night in about two years. Somewhere between work and having a baby, that got lost and this was our first night out alone in a long time and we most definitely had an amazing time!


We had to chance to experience Graciales which focuses on delicious food and socializing. The whole idea about this is to enjoy a variety of their delicious dishes and sharing it with friends and family. I absolutely love this concept as you get to taste a variety of food and I loved having someone to share it with.  

food 1

Everything on the menu looked delicious and we got to try out a few things that were amazing. Here are a few of the dishes we tried out:

{Fried Calamari, Harissa Mayo} food 2  

This is some of the best calamari that I’ve had in a long time. It was delicious, light and it felt like it just melted in my mouth. To compliment the calamari you have a delicious Harissa Mayo with a little bite to it.

{Graciales Beef Sliders, Cheese, Pickles}

I love burgers and these beef sliders were amazing! You get three different ones and you can either share them all or choose your favourite.

{Sticky Vietnamese Ribs, Spring Onion} food  4

These ribs were delicious, soft and the spring onion and sesame seeds just made it even more tasty.

{Beef Tataki, Soya, Chilli, Lime, Ginger} food  3

This is their signature dish and I never really eat food like this, but I now have a new favourite. This dish is absolutely delicious and it’s a must try when you eat here.

With the food being so delicious you expect to pay a lot, but this is really such a cost effective dining experience. After eating all that food (and sharing it with my husband) I was so full! So even though you sample a few things at a time, this is really a very good meal.

The decor is also breathtaking! The pop art look really works well for this section and I’m just in love with the lights hanging from the ceiling. The whole look of the entire place is so well put together and each section had a unique atmosphere.

Decor 2 Decor 3 Decor 4 Decor 1

The one thing that stood out to me the most was the excellent service. We were helped by Nene who made sure that we had everything we needed at all times! Not only did she provide excellent service, she was also very friendly. All the staff are very helpful and make sure that you are having a great time.


About Peddlars & Co

Peddlars & Co really has such an amazing atmosphere and they have four different sections that each cater for a specific need, which makes them unique and convenient.

1. Volaré Ristorante

other  3
Here you will be able to enjoy some Contemporary Italian cuisine in a relaxed setting.

2. Graciales
Graciales offers you the experience of having delicious meals that you can share. There’s a delicious menu that you can choose from and you get to experience all the food with family and friends.

3. The Oak Terrace

other 2
Love sitting outside on a gorgeous sunny day? Then you will absolutely love The Oak Terrace. This is a lovely outdoor setting where you can relax and have a casual meal with family and friends.

4. The Local

other 1
If you prefer a more local pub vibe, then The Local will be perfect. This is a great place to meet up with friends, have some delicious food and some amazing beer!

Where to find Peddlars & Co

Bookings: 021 794 7747

Address: Peddlars on the Bend, Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia

other 4

This is really the ideal place to eat, relax and enjoy good company. I am so impressed with how it looks inside, the variety available, the food and the service! I would definitely recommend paying Peddlars & Co a visit.

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