My Favourite Concealers & Coversticks

My Favourite Concealers & Coversticks

My Favourite Concealers & Coversticks

My Favourite Concealers & Coversticks
When it comes to achieving the perfect cover you need to invest in the right product to get the job done. Today I would like to share a few of my favourite concealers and coversticks with you.

It’s hard to think back to a time where I didn’t use concealer and I often wonder how I even survived without it! This is really one product that you need to have in your makeup bag that is extremely useful, but finding the right one can be just as hard as finding the right foundation. It’s really important that you get the right shade for your skin tone in order for it to cover up any imperfections and create that flawless look. Here are a few of my all time favourite concealers and coversticks:

My Favourite Concealers
1. L.A. Girl PRO Conceal HD – R30 (Dischem)
2. Essence Match2Cover Cream Concealer – R47.95

My Favourite Coversticks
1. Catrice Allround Coverstick – R52.95 (Dischem)
2. Essence Pure Skin anti-spot coverstick – R38.95

I love my budget make-up and I’m very happy with the results that I’ve achieved with the products listed above. I would also really love to hear what concealers you love, so please leave me a comment below.

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  1. I have actually been on the hunt for a decent concealer recently! To cover the horrendous dark circles under my eyes! I like a lot of essence products so I may go and pick up a concealer next time!

    – Nicole Emily x

  2. I love these, the essence creamy it quite dry? I love how affordable these all are.

    My favourite has got to be MAC Pro Longwear, but I have recently fell in love with maybelline fit me. Also the Illamasque colour corrector is fab too!

    I have just done a similar post with swatches too 🙂

    1. The Essence concealer is amazing 🙂 It is so easy to work with and I don’t find it dry at all. I really want to try out the Maybelline one as well 😀 Definitely on my list! Thank you so much for stopping by xx

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