Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art

Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art

Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art

Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art
I decided to continue the glitter trend that I’ve got going and today I want to show you this fabulous black manicure with just a hint of glitter.

I am really fond of my black polish during Winter and decided that this week instead if a plain black nail, I will mix it up a bit.

For the black I decided on two black polishes, a gloss and a matt. I wanted to combine these two polishes to create a sleek effect. I then decided to use a glitter to separate the two black polishes and add a bit of sparkle to the look. I picked up this glitter polish from Essence over the weekend and it was the perfect fit for this manicure.

Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art 2

getting the look
Step 1 –
Start off by painting your nails using the gloss black and let it dry well.
Step 2 – Next paint a triangle at the top of your nails using the matt black polish. Simple use the nail polish brush to create the triangle.
Step 3 – Once your black polish is completely dry, use a dotting tool/thin brush to paint the line that separates the gloss and matt black nail polish.

Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art 3 Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art 4
Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art 5


what i used Easy Black & Glitter Nail Art 6 Gloss Black Nail Polish: Essence Colour & Go 144 black is back
Matt Black Nail Polish: Essence Latex Matt {32 The Black Cat}
Glitter Nail Polish: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 44 on air!

I would love to hear what you thought of this look so please leave me a comment below.

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