Get the look: Pinned Up Braids

Get the look: Pinned Up Braids

Get the look: Pinned Up Braids

Pinned Up Braids I love wearing my hair loose, but seeing that my hair is quite thick, having it all hang loose can become quite irritating! This is why I love pinning my hair up in braids. Here is my Pinned Up Braids look.

There are really many ways that you can pin your hair up, but this is such a girly and gorgeous way to do it. Not only does this hairstyle look feminine and soft, it is also really easy to create and can be worn for a day or night look.

Pinned Up Braids 2

For this look I pinned back the top part of my hair by creating two thick braids on the sides. The braids will be thick rather than thin seeing that you will be braiding the top section of your hair.

Here is how you can create this look:
Step 1 – You will start by creating the two braids. For each braid I used the top section on my hair, so it creates a nice and thick braid. Remember to create your braids to the back so that when you pin them they are flat against your head. I also tie each braid before I pin them.

Step 2 – Next gently tug at your braids to loosen them and create a bit more of a messy look.

Step 3 – Now you will pin your braids back. You want the braids to more or less meet at the back. Once you have pinned them, untie the braid and blend the loose hair in with the rest of your hair. When pinning the braids back make sure that the two sides line up.

Step 4 – Lastly I just ran my straightener over my loose hair to give it a smooth appearance.

Pinned Up Braids 3

This is really an easy look to create and it’s ideal for when you are in a rush. I would love to hear what you thought of this look so please leave me a comment below!

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