Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant}

Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant}4 Winter is really such a dreadful season and usually our skin tells the same story. Most of us are almost ghostly pale and even hiding under layers of clothing does not hide the pale winter skin. This week I decided to try out one of the new Caribbean Tan products and I want to share the amazing results with you today.

Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant} 2

Now when it comes to tanning I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have dabbled with it a bit in the past. Instead of the usual mousse/cream or spritzer tanner that I use, I decided to go with the Tan in a Can option. Now sometimes tanning can take a while and I had quite a busy week so I needed an option that’s really quick and instant. This product from Caribbean Tan is ideal and I’m really very impressed at how easy it is to apply and at how mess free it is. After using this I was left with a gorgeous and natural looking tan.

Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant} 3
Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant} 4

Here is how I prepared and applied my tan:

1. Prepare
It’s really important to prepare your skin before you tan. Shave and exfoliate 24 hours before you’re going to apply your tan. I showered, shaved and exfoliated by using the Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator the night before tanning. I really liked the smell of this scrub but personally I prefer a natural exfoliator (I am big on natural skincare), but if you don’t mind what you use this is a great option!.

2. Tanning
It’s really so easy to use this tanner. You simple spray the tanner on (holding it upright and 25cm away from the skin) and then spread the tanner with the provided mitt. This allows you to get an even and streak free tan.

3. Developing
You will see that with the Tan in a Can you have an instant tan, but it will continue to develop over the next 8 hours.

4. Care
After applying your tan make sure that you wear loose fitting clothes and wait 8 hours before you shower and rinse off the excess tanner. Also lightly towel dry and apply the Milk & Honey Skin Hydrating Body Butter. Your tan can last up to 10 days if you maintain it correctly.

Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant} 5 Caribbean Tan {Tan in a can Instant} 6

I really love the results of my tan and absolutely love how natural it looks. If you’re looking for a great self-tanner that’s quick and easy to use this is really the perfect option!

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