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DIY Cupcake Toppers

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DIY Cupcake Toppers
I just love adding cute elements to cupcakes and what better decoration to add than a cupcake topper! Here is how you can make your own DIY Cupcake Toppers!

Cupcake toppers are a really cute element to add and they are very easy to make yourself. I decided to make my own matching cupcake toppers for my daughters birthday last year and I just love how they came out!

What you will need: DIY Cupcake Toppers 2
Printed and cut out Cupcake Toppers (If you make them double sided you will need 2 for each topper you make)
Scotch tape


Here is how to create your own Cupcake Toppers:
Step 1 – Print your desired cupcake toppers and cut them out. The size that they need to be is totally up to you. I decided to go with a smaller circle as my cupcakes were smaller.

DIY Cupcake Toppers 3
Step 2 – To put the two sides together you will need a piece of scotch tape that is rolled up so that it’s sticky on both sides. Stick it on the one side, put the toothpick on and place the second side on top of that. Now you can simply press on it so that they stick together.

DIY Cupcake Toppers 4

And there you go! It is really so easy to create your own cupcake toppers and they will be exactly what you want!


  1. Lizna

    These are super cute, what a great idea, going to try them for the next batch of cupcakes I whip up :)
    Pieces in Pink | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you so much hun 😀 I just love creating decorations and this really adds such a cute element to cupcakes!


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