Choosing your Wedding Theme

Choosing your Wedding Theme

Choosing your Wedding Theme

Choosing your Wedding Theme

Choosing your wedding theme is the starting point of planning your perfect wedding.

Many of us grow up with a specific idea in our minds of what our wedding should look like. One should think that choosing your theme would be easy then? Well it is everything but.

There are so many things to consider when you choose your wedding theme and you might get side tracked with all the different options out there, but just remember to go for something that you truly love.

Here are the basic elements of your theme to consider:

1. What season will your wedding be? (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
2. What time of day will your wedding be? (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
3. Will your wedding ceremony be indoor or outdoor?
4. Will your wedding reception be indoor or outdoor?
5. Where will you be getting married? (church, garden, venue, beach, destination wedding)
6. What is the setting of your wedding?
7. What is your personal style?
8. What do you envision for your day?
9. What mood do you want to set for the day?
10. what style are you going for?
11. What colours do you have in mind?
12. Will your wedding be formal, semi-formal or informal?
13. Does your culture or religion play a part in your theme?
14. What is your budget?
15. Are there any specific elements that you want in your wedding?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your theme:

1. The Season:
The season that you choose for your wedding will have an impact on your theme. Certain themes go hand in hand with certain seasons.

2. Time of day:
The time of day that your wedding will be taking place plays a big part in your theme and decor. If you have a morning wedding you will be using less light effects and decor items than with an evening wedding. Certain coloured objects will also stand out better during different times of the day.

3. Indoor or Outdoor Wedding:
Your wedding theme will also be influenced by whether it is held indoors or outdoors.

4. Venue & Venue Setting:
Consider the venue that you are getting married at. A certain venue would fit a certain theme better. The setting of the venue will also have an influence on your theme. If the venue is small and cozy it won’t work for a big wedding.

5. Personal Style:
When you choose your wedding theme it is important to keep your personality and style in mind. You want your wedding theme to represent you and your partner as it is after all your special day.

6. Mood & Vision:
Make sure that your theme that you have chosen carries through the mood that you are trying to set. To help you with choosing your theme, sit down and think of what you envision for your wedding day. This can help you come up with a theme or at least the start of one.

8. Formal, Semi-Formal or Casual:
This can also hugely influence your theme. If you are going for a formal wedding you do not want people coming dressed in casual wear or have decor elements that do not fit the setting.

9. Colours:
Choosing the colours for your wedding can be a difficult task. The best is to find a colour that you both love and incorporate a colour scheme around that.

10. Your Religion or Culture:
If you are of a certain religion or culture it might dictate some of the aspects of your theme. Take that in consideration when you choose the elements of your theme. You don’t want your heart set on certain elements and then they need to change.

11. Budget:
Keep in mind your budget when you choose your theme. Your theme must be absolutely flawless and you don’t want a budget stopping you for getting your dream theme.

Not everyone can spend thousands on a wedding or afford to go over a set budget. If you see that some elements of your wedding will make you go over your budget, look at other ways to get that element. There are many ways to get something done.

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