Essentials to have in your Make-up Bag

Essentials to have in your Make-up Bag

Essentials to have in your Make-up Bag

Essentials to have in your Make-up Bag There are a few essentials to have in your make-up bag. I have compiled a list of products that every girl should have in their make-up bag at all times.

There are a few products that I simply cannot go without and that are essential to use when doing my make-up. Here is the list that I have compiled a of products that I love to keep in my make-up bag at all times.

Essentials for your face

We all want that flawless complexion, but you need the right products to achieve it. Here are some essential products to have when it comes achieving a perfect looking face.

1. A good long lasting foundation
2. A translucent powder
3. A great concealer
4. BB cream (this is optional, but a very good idea to have for those low make-up days)
5. A good moisturizer
6. Make-up removing wipes

Essentials for your eyes

Make your eyes stand out with the right products. There are a few essential products that can help your eyes stand out more.

1. A mascara that makes your lashes look longer and thicker
2. Pencil eyeliner
3. Liquid eyeliner
4. A great eyeshadow palette (the palette you choose will be determined by what you like, I love a darker palette, but a natural/nude palette is great to have as well)
5. Brow pencil or a brow kit (if you do your brows)

Essentials for your lips

Pucker up and make sure that these three items are in your make-up bag at all times!

1. A good lipstick (my favourite lipstick is a bright red, it is also a good idea to have a nude/natural shade of lipstick)
2. A great liploss
3. Lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and soft

Essential tools

There are also some essential tools to keep in your make-up bag to help you when applying your make-up or with grooming.

1. A good pair of tweezers
2. An eyelash curler
3. A great powder brush
4. A great eyeshadow brush
5. A great set of brushes
6. Q-tips

The products that you choose to use is of course up to you, but having these items in your make-up kit will make your life so much easier! This is a good base of products to try and keep in your make-up bad at all times.

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  1. Good idea for a post! I agree with all of your essentials, but I try to avoid using face wipes as I’ve heard they aren’t great for your skin to use all the time. Can’t live without eyelash curlers, which is something I never thought I’d really say until I started using them! Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. Thank you so much! I do agree with you, I prefer to wash my face with my facewash, but for those lazy days I remove my make-up with them:)

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