Get the look: Easy Chignon for Bob Hair

Get the look: Easy Chignon for Bob Hair

Get the look: Easy Chignon for Bob Hair

Easy Chignon for Bob Hair Looking for a simple and sophisticated way to style your bob hair? Today I will show you how to create a gorgeous chignon that is perfect for shorter hair.

The one negative thing about having a bob is that your styling possibilities become a lot less. I have been looking for different ways to style my short hair the last while and today I want to share this easy and gorgeous chignon with you.

This is really such a feminine and easy way to wear your hair up and it’s suited for all occasions, which makes it a really versatile hairdo. I was really amazed at how easy it was to create this look and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Here are the steps that will help you create this look:

getting the look Easy Chignon for Bob Hair 2
Step 1 – Part your hair down the middle and tie it in a low ponytail.
Step 2 – Taking your ponytail, create a space in the middle above your hair tie and then take your ponytail and roll it through from the bottom up. So you will basically tuck your pony in above your hair tie.
Step 3 – By doing this your hair will form a roll and you can simply secure it with bobby pins and hairspray to keep it in place. Make sure that when you create the roll, that it’s tight enough.

It is amazing that you can create such an elegant style in just three easy steps! I would love to hear what you thought of this look, so please leave me a comment below!

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